From the desk of:

William "Bill" Syverson

Manager of Global Operations for Embraer & CFBAA Board Member.

As we reflect on the past year and all that we endured during the pandemic, it is important that we also reflect on our roles within the aviation community and strive to give back to the larger community in which we belong. Through a turbulent time of change, we had to learn to do things differently. Despite challenges, we found ways to stay connected to one another and gained a deeper appreciation for community, both local and global.

To give back to those communities, I would like to present an opportunity to help an outstanding organization provide much needed transport to those in need of cancer treatment. That organization is the Corporate Angel Network (CAN). The non-profit utilizes corporate aircraft to transport cancer patients to the critical care they need and has continued to operate throughout the pandemic. CAN helps patients of all ages, and in any stage of their cancer journey, gain access to specialized treatment centers. With requests that span the country, it is important that CAN continues to expand its flight lift.

Over the course of the last year, we (Embraer) have had the opportunity to provide this important lift to several patients. From first-hand experience, I can tell you it is a wonderful feeling to be able to provide this service and know that you have helped each patient get the care and treatment they need. I encourage everyone to please consider filling your empty seats with patients in need. Together, we can embrace this as an opportunity to not only support patients, but also support our shared belief in human connection and community. Reach out to CAN Director, Samantha Lohse, at to learn more and discuss a partnership.

Corporate Angel Network (CAN) helps cancer patients access the best treatment by arranging free travel on corporate aircraft. CAN is looking for new partners that are able to help transport patients to care. Review the seats needed list below and consider having a patient join you on your next trip (live or empty). Trips are flexible, so if you are flying to a neighboring city or can assist with a portion of the route, please reach out to CAN. Note: the aircraft must be pressurized and flown with two pilots. To learn more or inquire about a specific trip, contact Samantha Lohse at

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